Amazing Customers

Yes, I Kasasa!

"In over twenty three years of business experience, working with Tim McManimon and Taylor Herman was one of the most efficient, expeditious and enjoyable transactions I have experienced because they made it more than a transaction. They listened and not only met, but anticipated my needs as their customer, resulting in a very positive consumer experience.

I frequently tell people about how positive my experiences with Profinium have been! So easy to work with, so responsive to customer needs and so pleasant. People DO decide on who they want to do business with based on how they are treated. I always come away from my experiences with the Profinium team feeling better; they treat me well, are very positive and are excellent at their execution of their jobs.

Yes, I Kasasa! This account and its features are clearly the result of listening to their customers! I love the fact that Profinium pays me back for ATM fees. The fact that they give me money back goes a long way towards recognizing the frustration that customers feel in being charged to access their own money. I feel confident in participating in on-line banking with all the security, processes and procedures they have in place.

Taylor and Tim have had an impact on our family by providing funds to complete our home remodel and attain other financial goals. Their total customer focus, as well as their solid fiduciary representation of their organization was an incredible combination, allowing myself and my family to feel amazing.

Taylor and Tim go beyond being responsive and supportive to truly being partners in our financial future."



I'm still thankful I made the call to Profinium.

"I worked with Tina Jette on a home mortgage after I had given up on other banks. The home we wanted to purchase suited our wants and needs perfectly but posed a financing challenge because it was a difficult home to appraise. We had actually broke off negotiations with the seller when a friend of ours suggested we call Tina. She worked with us to get us a loan at a great rate.

A year and a half later I'm still thankful I made the call to Profinium."

Brian Ruschy


greg johnson

Profinium did an amazing job on my home loan.

"I had the privilege of obtaining a Home Loan from Profinium Bank in Owatonna, Minnesota. I worked with Tim McManimon and Jennifer Svien, and was able to get my loan approved before my closing date and they went the extra mile to accomplish this for me!

The staff at Profinium are professional, understanding and friendly and I would recommend to any home buyer to process your loan with this bank. Purchasing a home can be very stressful, and Jennifer Svien explained the loan process to me and I was able to receive a low interest rate!"

Greg Johnson


Profinium looks out for our best interest!

"My wife and I have banked at Profinium for many years. We have always been very happy with the service, but this past year we were extremely pleased with the individualized attention given to us.

Tina Jette went out of her way to accommodate our busy schedules and made the process of refinancing a very easy task. Because of her hard work and action regarding our mortgage loan , we were able to save almost $200 per month.

In addition, the staff at Profinium spoke with us regarding their Kasasa Cash program, and we are now eligible to earn interest on the money in our checking account.

Profinium continues to look out for the best interest of their customers. It is nice to know we have a bank with employees who know their clients and how to best service their needs."

Jerome Niss


Profinium gives me amazing VALUE.

"Working with Profinium has been a very rewarding experience because of the value they bring to me and my business. I enjoy the relationships I have built with so many of the staff, and appreciate being known by name and not a number. They also make it easy for us to do business with them, by cutting through the red tape and taking a common sense approach, but doing it in an amazing way.

I think our community gets a lot of value from Profinium too, especially all of the sponsorships and efforts they support that are important to making our community so great."

Thad Shively


Refinancing through Profinium was incredible!

"When I was in need of refinancing my house I wasn't really sure who would be able to help me find the lowest rate while minimizing closing costs.

Since all of my other bank accounts are with Profinium Bank in Fairmont, I thought I would give them a try. I made a call to Tina Jette and I was very pleased with the friendly, family-like treatment I was given during this whole process. Tina was there every step of the way to answer any questions I had. I could not have asked for a better refinancing experience and the interest rate I received was incredible!

I would definitely recommend Profinium and Tina Jette to anyone looking to purchase or refinance a home . You won't be disappointed!"

Mark True