Our History

Profinium was born on October 24, 2003, from the union of two cherished institutions, each with a rich and long-standing history within their communities and a combined history of over 215 years: Martin County National Bank of Fairmont and the People's State Bank of Truman. After working together as sister banks for nearly four years, the Krahmer family and the board of directors of the institutions believed it would benefit our customers and improve the banks if we merged into one. In merging two equals, it was agreed there would have to be a new name to help define what we desired to accomplish.

The executive committee set out the following rules for the new name: it could not be our existing names; there could be no winners and losers in this merger of equals; it could not be a prominent name others had already placed meaning upon; it had to be an empty cup open for us to fill with meaning; it could not denote a particular location or particular market; and it had to be a unique and memorable moniker.

After soliciting the assistance of experts and employees, our demanding rules for the name led us to Profinium Financial, which stands for Professional Financial Solutions for the New Millennium. Today, we are simply known as Profinium, Inc. As a trademarked name, we own it exclusively, not just in our local community, nor just within Minnesota, but nationally. We believe it will grow to reflect exactly who and what we are: unique, innovative, professional and serving all the financial needs of our customers. Under our new name, and united into one bank, we seek to become the defining statement of the future of community banking: delivering the highest quality service, making decisions locally, all while actively participating in the growth and general welfare of the communities we serve. We strive to remain on the cutting-edge of financial services, offering innovation with products like Kasasa, combined with an out-of-the-box, friendly approach to banking. Our goal is to remove the impression that banking is intimidating and boring, choosing instead to give our customers an AMAZING banking experience.

We are an institution that has always taken pride not just in our ever-expanding branches, but also in our deep roots. Our history and connection to our communities are what make us what we are today. We look forward to another 215 years as a growing and prosperous community bank, dedicated to serving all of the financial needs of our communities.