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Four ways to help you save for your family cabin.

Published: 07/01/2020

Four ways to help you save for your family cabin.


Saving for that second home can be tricky yet so worth it in the long run. It takes discipline to not turn into the local coffee shop for a mid morning pick up or to not purchase that kitchen gadget that would make you the Iron Chef of your household.

Here are four quick tips for building up that cabin fund:

  • Place a photo of your dream cabin somewhere you visit every day - your bathroom mirror, the refrigerator, etc. Have that daily reminder of why you are saving. Maybe it's the perfect summer photo of your family in pure joy eating those amazing s'mores.
  • Budgeting consistently can be hard. Take baby steps and start by monitor only two or three categories that you can have the most influence over. i.e. the daily coffee trips, clothes and shoes, or buying lunches.
  • Take a look at your statement, are there bank fees that are costing you money every month? We have excellent free checking options for you here.
  • Are there subscriptions you forgot about that you can cancel?