Postcard Scam 

Updated: 4.2021

We have been made aware of a postcard scam asking customers to call a number about a time-sensitive matter on their mortgage. These postcards (which come in a variety of colors) are being sent to consumers all around the country.
Please be aware that this is a scam and did not come from Profinium, or any financial institution. There is a small disclaimer in the bottom right corner indicating the sender is “not affiliated with, sponsored by, and loan information not provided by Profinium.” It does further state that the information was provided by “H. W. C.”  We advise you to NOT call the number and discard the postcard. 
  • We’re committed to protecting our customer’s personal information.  We would never send a postcard in regards to account information/requests. Likewise, we do not sell or otherwise distribute it to non-affiliate third parties.
  • Note, some information about mortgages, regardless what lender the consumer works with, is public record. That’s how scammers may obtain contact information. Do note that the account number listed does not match the client's actual account number. 


Fraudulent Calls

It has come to our attention that community members are getting phone calls from hackers posing as their bank.  The thief will ask for personal information such your social security number and/or account numbers.  As a reminder, at Profinium we will never call and ask for such personal information.   If you recieve a call like this please do not share your personal information. 

Fraudulent E-mails/Pfishing Schemes 

We have received a few calls from customers regarding suspicious emails they've received. Please be aware that there are phishing schemes involving emails that appear to be from, as well as Here is some information that may be beneficial to you, our valued customers:

From website:

The IRS never sends out unsolicited emails, and under no circumstances, requests credit card information and pin numbers through email. Persons receiving emails that claim to be from the IRS should not attempt to visit any site contained within the email and should report suspicious emails to TIGTA or IRS.

Please notify the IRS of any phishing attempts by forwarding the suspicious e-mail to [email protected]. Materials forwarded to this mailbox will be examined and acted on by our information security staff.