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Single Close Construction & Permanent Loan

Your Amazing Home Build Is Possible

No more multiple closings with our Single Close Construction and Permanent Loans - ALL IN ONE!

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Single Close Construction and Permanent Loan 

  • Typically when building a home there are two loan closings and two sets of closing costs.
    • One loan closing and one set of costs when you close on the construction portion and then another loan closing and another set of closing costs when the build is done and you move to a permanent loan. 
    • With our Single Close Construction & Permanent Loan you have ONE loan closing and ONLY ONE set of closing costs. Think about all the cost savings! 
  • You get to lock in at current rates and not have to worry about what rates will be months down the road when your build is complete. 
  • We also give you 18 months to build your home. 

 Not ready for the single close construction & permanent mortgage? No worries, we still have our traditional construction mortgage. 

The traditional construction mortgage is the most common type of mortgage for building a home. 

  • Once your home is complete, we will help you refinance your construction mortgage into a new refinance mortgage that will be used to pay off the existing construction mortgage. 

You may be asking, “why would I do this loan if I qualify for the Single-Close Construction and Permanent Mortgage?”  A few of the reasons could be you do not have enough down to qualify for the single close or you want your permanent mortgage loan to be a VA loan.  Another reason is you believe interest rates will be more favorable when you are done with your home than when you started your build, so you do not want to set your interest rate at the start. 

No matter which option you choose, your Profinium Mortgage Team will be with you every step of the way ensuring you have a good understanding of the process, to help you decide on the best loan option for you and provide you an amazing experience. 


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*Loans are subject to credit approval.
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