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Top 20

Profinium supports the work of Top 20 Training in our communities. Top 20 is a training company that has worked with schools, parents and businesses throughout the United States. The Top 20 program provides tools that promote positivity in relationships and in quality of life. It's all about creating an effective personal life, family life, business life and effective, positive communities. The Top 20 program works with schools, students, parents, grandparents, coaches, mentors, businesses, organizations, and communities. Fairmont is the first community in the nation to become a Top 20 community. Over 2,500 people in the Fairmont area have learned about Top 20 Principles by attending training sessions.

Profinium is proud to be a business sponsor of Top 20 and has taken a leadership role in the expansion of the Top 20 principles in the workplace and in our communities. At Profinium we are committed to creating a Top 20 culture that ties in beautifully with our Purpose, Pledge and Pursuits. We are working on the four components that help to create trust and dramatically enhance our organization's potential: (1) help others succeed, (2) communicate 'you matter' to others, (3) honor the absent and (4) see the problem, own the problem. By doing so we will create a healthier and more effective workplace, home and community culture. The following is a summary of the Top 20 principles.

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Ellen Borkenhagen

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Mattie Boe

Staff Community Involvement Awards

Profinium strongly supports community involvement by our team members. Each year Profinium recognizes team members who exemplify our Pursuit to be "Vested in our communities' success with leadership, resources and time". A special donation of $100 is given to an organization of the team member's choice. For 2017, Profinium would like to recognize Ellen Borkenhagen from our Truman and Fairmont location and Mattie Boe from our Owatonna location.

Ellen is an active member of the Truman Gun Club as a coach to the High School Trap Club Team & Statistician, band member for the Trinity Fieldon Church, serves on the Truman Community Club, and is a volunteer instructor for the Junior Achievement Program in Fairmont. Ellen has chosen to send the donation in her honor to the Truman High School Trap Team to help them buy shooting vests for all team members.

Mattie is highly involved with Trinity Lutheran Church in Owatonna, as a part of their Women's Retreat Committee and a Sunday School teacher for 1st -3rd Grades. She is also donates her time and resources to the For A Day Foundation, which sponsors activities for children battling cancer at the Ronald McDonald House of Minneapolis & Rochester Mayo Clinic. Mattie has chosen to send the donation in her honor to the For A Day Foundation.