Profinium Story


Our story starts back in 1875, only seventeen years after Minnesota became a state. The foundation for what Profinium is today began. Locally owned and managed for 140 years, we've lived, worked, thrived, struggled, rejoiced, mourned and succeeded in our communities. We survived through many ups and downs alongside our community members and clients; and then an opportunity for new growth happened in 2003 as we merged two banks and formed one identity…Profinium (PROfessional FINancial solutions for the new MillennIUM).


In 2008 something profound began at Profinium. In the midst of tough financial times during the "Great Recession" you were struggling and so were we.

We certainly weren't the only business taking this journey at that time but we took a different path. We decided it was an opportunity to test our resilience, adapt, and then innovate.

It was time to do something different that was going to rock our employees' world and change client and community perception.

We were going to make Profinium a place people want to come, not just their bank, but something more…something inspirational, life-changing in the midst of very hard times. We took a stance against boring banking!


We were convinced that we could see our way through this because we had a new attitude driving us…Achieving Dreams - Together. We created a roadmap for achieving our dreams and the dreams of our clients. We were committed and followed the roadmap every day by taking specific action steps. Like a commitment to creating a legendary experience for clients with unrivaled service, improving our staff capabilities and our technology.

We saw remarkable results and were excited with what we were accomplishing, and can you imagine what happened? It worked.

After making it through the darkest days of the economic crisis and helping our clients do the same, it was time to look again at our story. How could we improve upon our promises? How would we incorporate what we'd learned? It was time to up our game, to raise the bar.

Our new tagline became, "Amazing IS Possible". We can do this…together. You have Dreams. We have the expertise to guide you from Dreams to Goals to Plans to Actions to Results. It's truly amazing what we can accomplish when the vision is clear and a plan is in place.

We're so thankful to our clients and communities…that you've joined us on this journey…that we get to be part of your lives.


We've had highs and lows over 140 years. We've struggled and succeeded; but like you, we keep growing and learning. We know how to be successful and produce results. We know how to Dream and how to bring those dreams to life…that's our story and we'd love it to be yours as well.

Amazing is possible…won't you join us?