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About Us

Today, like every day — you choose.

You pass through life once - fast. 
Leave your mark - make a difference- pursue the best of your abilities.
Do something so meaningful, with such conviction and skill, that it transforms peoples' lives.
Commit yourself to deliver the common, every things - Extraordinarily.

A vision fed by sacrifice, innovation and collaboration paves the road to a dream. 
Don't settle. Accept the challenge. Make the sacrifice. Be Legendary.
Give more than you ever imagined possible. 
Be more than you ever imagined. 
Believe in Yourself.

This is what we believe - Your AMAZING is Possible.

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Achieving Dreams Together
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People first, Teamwork, Confidence, Accountable, Excel

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  • Cultivating excellence 
  • Inspiring a fun environment
  • Delivering a legendary experience 
  • Vested in our communities' success

Let's take a closer look at how we will deliver on our

purpose of achieving dreams together.


We are committed to the care and respect of all.

We collaborate and do our best together.

We are competent, capable, and kind.

We do what we say with integrity.

We give maximum effort to exceed expectations.

Cultivating excellence by challenging ourselves with courage and confidence.
Inspiring a fun environment where innovation thrives, mentoring is essential, and our journey is celebrated.
Delivering a legendary experience through our unrivaled service and empowering solutions.
Vested in our communities' success with leadership, resources and time.


"It's not the events of our lives that shape us, but our beliefs as to what those events mean."

~Tony Robbins

Our story starts back in 1875, only seventeen years after Minnesota became a state. Locally owned and managed for 149 years, we've lived, worked, thrived, struggled, rejoiced, mourned, and succeeded in our communities. In 2003, we merged two banks and formed one identity… Profinium (PROfessional FINancial solutions for the new MillennIUM).
Something profound began at Profinium in 2008. You were struggling during the tough financial times of the Great Recession — and so were we.
We certainly weren't the only business taking this journey at that time, but we took a different path. We decided it was an opportunity to test our resilience, adapt, and innovate.

We were going to make Profinium a place people want to come, not just their bank, but something more, something inspirational, something life-changing in the midst of very hard times. We took a stance against boring banking!

We knew that we could see our way through this because we had a new attitude driving us, “Achieving Dreams — Together.” We created a roadmap for achieving our dreams and the dreams of our clients. We followed through every day by taking specific action steps — like a commitment to creating a legendary experience for clients, providing unrivaled service, and improving our technology.

And it worked.

After making it through the darkest days of the economic crisis and helping our clients do the same, it was time to take another look at our story. How could we improve upon our promises? How would we incorporate what we learned?

Our new tagline became, "Amazing IS Possible". We can do this… together. You have dreams. We have the expertise to help you achieve them. It's truly amazing what we can accomplish when the vision is clear and a plan is in place.

We're so thankful to our clients and communities, that you've joined us on this journey, and that we get to be part of your lives.

We've had highs and lows over 140 years. We've struggled and succeeded; but like you, we keep growing and learning. We know how to be successful and produce results. We dare to dream and know how to bring those dreams to life.

Amazing is possible. 

We love strengthening our communities and can't wait to hear about your organization and event.

Have you heard about our Non-Profit Giveback Program?
We created a unique and tailored giveback program designed to support our nonprofits in our shared commitment to community vibrancy and sustainability in Minnesota.

Each year, Profinium recognizes team members who exemplify our Pursuit to be “Vested in our communities’ success with leadership, resources, and time.” A special donation of $100 is given to an organization of the team member’s choice.

For the second half of 2023, Profinium would like to recognize Taylor Nawrocki and Laura Koch.

  • Taylor generously spent his time and energy making an impact for the Fairmont Baseball Association, serving as a Board Member. This organization's mission is to provide structured opportunities for members of the community to participate in competitive baseball.
  • In addition, Taylor served as a Board Member for the Martin County Pork Producers. This nonprofit organization is focused on promotion, fundraising, and scholarships in Martin County. They are known throughout the area for their grilling of grilled pork chops and patties at various events throughout the summer.
  • Lastly, Taylor volunteered his time at Family Life by helping promote and participate in various events held by Family Life. This organization's mission is to effectively develop Godly families who change the world one home at a time.   

  • Laura donated the majority of her time and talents to the Granada Huntley East Chain (GHEC) School district. She coached 6th grade girls basketball for the Elementary Basketball Association. She served as a Chairperson for the GHEC CIA (PTA and Boosters Club combined) and was a member of the GHEC Attendance Appeals and Community Education Advisory Committees. She also began her first term on the GHEC School Board
  • In addition, she was a Board Member and Marketing Coordinator for the Martin County Youth Foundation. The mission of this foundation is to acquire, manage, and distribute funds to enhance the lives of youth in the Martin County area.
  • Also, Laura joined the Board of Southern Plains Education Cooperative. This organization was developed by five-member school districts to provide services that could be performed more efficiently together versus separate. 
  • Lastly, she wrapped up her final year as a volunteer Scout Leader for the Fairmont Pack 57 Cub Scouts. This organization is dedicated to prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes.