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Your Amazing Career is Possible!

Imagine getting to come to work with these fun teammates every day.  Oh, and you get to help your family, your friends, and your community achieve their dreams. Ya, it's a pretty sweet gig.


We act with integrity, are respectful, and collaborative. We recognize others by praising progress and success. We leverage our strengths and do the same with our teammates.

We are vested in each other’s achievements and we know when to offer or ask for help. We are committed to the success of our organization and the communities we serve. We inspire each other and have fun together.

CONFIDENCE without arrogance
We are motivated, poised, and assertive. We are dedicated learners, ask questions, and embrace change. We are grateful, helpful, and kind.

We do what we say. We are prepared, competent, committed, and work hard. We go for the win, and are dedicated to helping others achieve their aspirations.

We are reliable and give maximum effort to exceed expectations. We are committed professionals, boldly exploring new opportunities and confidently challenging the status quo. We are energized by delivering ‘Amazing’ experiences.
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Achieving Dreams Together

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  • Act with Integrity, Always
  • Deliver the Common, Extraordinarily
  • Champion Change, Creativity & Collaboration
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  • Cultivating excellence 
  • Inspiring a fun environment
  • Delivering a legendary experience 
  • Vested in our communities' success
– Jannell Tufte
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The ability and flexibility to be able to take part in community activities.

The ability and flexibility to be able to take part in community activities and work with non-profits is one of the best parts of working with Profinium. Earning the trust to become a department leader and help mentor others be the best they can be, has been a great accomplishment!
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- Taylor Herman
red quotation marksProfinium is vested in my success and growth!

The best part about working at Profinium is I am able to work with a number of like minded individuals that are focused on helping our customers through traditional and non-traditional banking services. I am most proud of how much I've grown within the organization. When I started as a Teller in 2010, I had no idea where that job would lead me. Profinium has been vested in my success and growth since the beginning, and I've been prepared for every opportunity that has come my way. red quotation marks
- Lori Bents
red quotation marksI like the challenge and variety.

I truly enjoy the position that I have at Profinium.  I like the challenge and variety on a daily basis. I like to work independently and like that my position enables me to do that. It is very satisfying and rewarding when you implement something well and get it right. Seeing the success at the end is always rewarding because it validates all the hard work you put into doing it right.
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- Jorja Wokasch
red quotation marksWe are family that supports each other.

The best part of working at Profinium is the coworkers and our customers. We are a family that supports each other every day. My most proud accomplishment working at Profinium is making lifelong friendships with coworkers and many of our customers. red quotation marks
- Rachel Maday
red quotation marksAll the fun we have!

The best part about working at Profinium is all the fun we have. Whether it’s during a Monday Morning Huddle or a surprise event put on by the E-Team, we’re always having a great time. I’m most proud of my promotion into a leadership position.
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- Jacob Mallak
red quotation marksThe family feel when coming to work. 

The best part of working here at Profinium is the family feel you get by coming to work. We all seem to enjoy working with each other and care for each other and want to see us all succeed professionally and personally. We also all work as a team to make sure our Clients get the best service we can provide them. Great work atmosphere. Enjoy coming to Work! Every Dream I have helped to make happen here at Profinium makes me proud. From helping a first-time homebuyer get into their dream home to helping out during the many fundraisers and community service things we do here at Profinium to help in our communities. It feels awesome to be able to accomplish that feeling of giving back.
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– Annie Schrader
red quotation marksProfinium and management allow me to thrive in my passion!

Having a meaningful, fulfilling career that challenges me daily, and in turn helps me grow in not just knowledge, but so many other ways too. I absolutely love what I do and Profinium and management allow me to thrive in my passion, continue to learn all the time, and trusts me enough to allow me to get my projects done my own way. The mentorship is amazing too, and the people I work with are second to none, we truly care about each other and uplift and support one another! I am proud of being a key part of the integral success of the Bank, sharing knowledge and helping the bank strengthen controls. We always do the right things; I am proud of ensuring we do them the right way!
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- Ken Gronewold
red quotation marksBeing part of a team!

One of the best parts of working at Profinium is the ability to be a part of a team. God led me to this TEAM called PROFINIUM and for that I am beyond thankful. Being at my former job for more than 30 years, I was not anticipating a change, but this opportunity has also given me new friendships that I never knew were out there. I am most proud of being able to help others succeed and sharing my knowledge with them gives me a great sense of accomplishment. I guess, becoming the CFO would need to rank up there too!!! red quotation marks
- Josie Frank
red quotation marksThe people are truly amazing!

Definitely the people are the best part of working at Profinium. I love the enthusiasm we have for our employees and community! I am proud of being asked to train when only being with the company for a little over a year!
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- Molly Henningsen
red quotation marksProfinium is my second family!

Profinium is my second family. The warm welcome and sense of belonging they project to you on your first day never ends! I am most proud about the work I have contributed to our Senior Leadership Team, more specifically, to their weekly meetings. red quotation marks
– Sommer Jensen
red quotation marksThe opportunities for me to succeed and grow.

The best part about working at Profinium is the opportunities! I am so grateful to know there are so many opportunities for me to succeed and grow personally and within my career here. I am most proud of my progress so far! I came into a position that I offered a lot of experience with but also still had a lot of room to learn and grow. I feel I have made great progress so far and will continue to do that every day of my career at Profinium.
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- Morgan Christensen
red quotation marksNot just a workplace.

Choose Profinium because we are an organization that supports each other, has fun while celebrating our success and invests in our employees and local communities. Profinium is not just a workplace, it is a family. red quotation marks

– Brianna Olson

red quotation marksThe work family you gain when starting here. 

The BEST part about working at Profinium would be the work family you gain when starting here. They say when you do a job you love it never feels like you have to “work” a day in your life and that is how our team makes it feel at Profinium. We laugh, smile, cry and grow together each and day and you know that you are never alone! Helping our customers and getting their issues resolved is so rewarding! red quotation marks

- Jess Urban
red quotation marksPositivity and Collaboration

The best part about working at Profinium is positivity and collaboration! My most proud accomplishment while working at Profinium is having a connection with each teammate. Whether it's talking about work, parenting, family, etc- it's easy to find something in common with everyone! red quotation marks
- Barb Pannkuk
red quotation marksWe're Family!

The best part about Profinium is we're a family. We know each other & look out for each other. Profinium values each and EVERY person as one of the family. I am most proud that I can assist our great lending team in meeting the dreams of our Profinium Family (customers). red quotation marks
- Collin Stockwell
red quotation marksPersonal and professional growth

The best part about working at Profinium is the amazing group of coworkers I get to work with each day. The things I am most proud about during my time at Profinium are my personal and professional growth. I set several goals for myself following college, and the bank continues to help me achieve more of them each year. red quotation marks

– Cody Post

red quotation marksEveryone is always friendly.
The best thing about working at Profinium is the people. Everyone is always friendly and more than happy to help with any questions you might have. It feels like a real accomplishment, making it a year and all the things I have learned along the way. red quotation marks
- Jeremiah Gaul
red quotation marksGreat people and a fun environment!

The people I work and interact with at Profinium are what makes it great to work here, they make it a fun environment. I am proud of the growth I have had professionally that would not have happened without Profinium; the employees, the leadership, and the ownership. red quotation marks
- Garrett Schock
red quotation marksOur coworkers are absolutely AMAZING.

The BEST part about working at Profinium is being able to work with our amazing staff and being able to help our amazing clients. Our co-workers are absolutely AMAZING. They truly care about you as a person, and not just a co-worker. I also feel blessed and fortunate to be able to help our clients achieve their dreams, watch them make progress, grow, and succeed. The thing that I am most proud about accomplishing here is how I have gotten to where I am today. I started out as a Loan Processor, worked my way through being a Credit Analyst, and then found my way to my dream job of being an Ag and Business Banking Officer. Those steps were absolutely key and essential to getting to where I am at today and I am extremely thankful. red quotation marks
– Johana De Los Santos
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This is like my second family!
I love the people I work with; this is like my second family. Our office knows how to have fun and be productive at the same time. It’s a great work life balance and I love how we help each other not by location but as a company. Profinium really looks out for our customers best interest and it’s not all about sales or pressure. I have grown so much; my supervisors have helped me set and accomplish so many goals. I am able to share my knowledge everyday with co-workers. I have also been a part of great committees!
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  • Health Insurance 
  • Dental Insurance 
  • Vision Insurance
  • Long & Short Term Disability Insurance
    • 100% paid by Profinium 
  • Basic Life Insurance
    • 100% paid by Profinium
  • Spouse/dependent Life Insurance options 
  • Critical Illness Insurance
  • Accident Insurance
  • Health Reimbursement Account
    • 100% funded by Profinium

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  • Retirement Savings Accounts (401K)  
    • With a CRAZY-generous company-match!
  • Flexible Spending Account  
    • Medical
    • Dependent Care
    • Limited FSA
  • Health Savings Account
    • Company match 
  • Educational Assistance Program
  • Mobile Device Discount
  • Profinium Fitness Reimbursement

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  • Wellness Program  
  • Employee Assistance Program  
  • Paid Time Off Program
  • Paid Holidays
  • Service Award Program
  • E-Team
    • Program that delivers energy, excitement & engagement to our team!

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  • Advancement Opportunities  
    • Built-in Career Tracks
  • Community Involvement Opportunities
  • Leadership Opportunities
  • Training & Development

Profinium, Inc. is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, religion, color, sex, national origin, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, veteran status or any other characteristic protected by law.