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Switch Kit

Switching banks should not be complicated.

That's why we made it easy to switch to Profinium.

Too many people stick with a less-than-satisfactory banking experience because it’s too much trouble to switch debit card information and recurring bills and direct deposits to their new bank.  With our Profinium Switch Kit, clients receive complimentary access to two online services to make switching cards and banks easier.  
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Change your direct deposits to a new account in minutes.
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Switching to Profinium is now fast, easy, and Free*

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New Debit Card? No Problem. Update your online subscriptions in one place.

Close Old Accounts Easily - Hassle Free Switching!

Have other checking accounts you put off closing because of the hassle of switching your direct deposits or bills you have set up?  Our Switch Kit can help with that too! And as usual, we made sure you can use the software whenever it is convenient for you and your schedule...even during nap time.
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*Third party fees for internet, messaging, or data plans may apply.