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Trusts and Estates

Our Trust Services experts help you plan for the future financial needs of your family.

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Years of experience and  knowledge put to work for you

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Periodic reviews to see if your goals and reams have changed.
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Provide stability and comfort to your family through impartial oversight of your finances.

Outsource your farm management to subject matter experts at Profinium. All of our work is based on your goals, whether you are looking for an increased income, controlling costs or conservation of your farm assets.

Have a trusted partner in your corner to help you oversee the many things involved in agribusiness. We work very closely with local farmers to assist with a wide range of needs, including acreage rental management, resource evaluation, farm inspections and reporting, financial reports, and more. Make more time in your day-to-day without your agribusiness suffering — Profinium Farm Management services can help.

We will apply the latest practices to enhance your bottom line and improve the value and productivity of your farm.

We will work with you to determine what type of rent is the most appropriate for your financial needs (cash, custom, share crop).

As part of the service, we will monitor soil fertility and weed control and recommend fertilizer application rates.

One of the most valuable segments of the service is the financial component. We will receive and distribute farm income, review lease agreements, and handle payment of real estate taxes, liability insurance and other expenses.
The person you designate to administer your estate is called an Executor or Personal Representative. If that person is a family member, it may cause stress and confusion. Designating Profinium as a Personal Representative or Executor can save time, stress and money while ensuring that your wishes are carried out with the utmost attention to detail and prudent management. Talk to your Profinium representative today about this service.
Trusts come in all shapes and sizes, but all have one thing in common: the assurance that your assets go where you want them. Profinium can help you with a wide variety of Trusts for your convenience.
A living trust is set up and operates during your lifetime. You can watch your plan change and allocate assets directly, if needed. Additionally, a living trust offers greater flexibility to change allocations and beneficiaries. Profinium can assist with both irrevocable and revocable living trusts. The revocable trust allows you complete control and flexibility.
Ready to retire?
Profinium's Trust Services can help you achieve your goals. We are experienced with 401(k)s, various types of IRAs, profit sharing, and other qualified plans. If you're not close to retiring yet, we can help you, too. Profinium helps you plan for the future and offers investment flexibility and tax-deferred growth. Let the professionals at Profinium get you on the road to a secure and happy retirement, today! 

Our Trust Services can take the stress out of investing with an agency account. We will work with you to establish your investment guidelines, and then we'll take care of the rest. Whether you're looking for investment advice or just someone to take care of managing the plan, we have an agency account that's right for you. Call today to see how we can tailor a plan for your specific investing needs. 
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Choose your own checking based on your financial goals.

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